A Look at Customer Support

Customer Support

Customer Support is an array of customer-oriented services to help customers in making correct and cost-effective use of a given product. It involves assistance in designing, installation, execution, training, troubleshoot, maintenance, upgrading, disposal, and disposal of an end-product. It also includes services like answering telephones, receiving and sending emails, tracking returned orders, and updating the website. These are some of the key Customer Support functions performed by Customer Support personnel.

A variety of approaches are adopted by businesses to provide customers with satisfactory customer experience. These include pre-sales technical support like software installation, upgrades, patches, etc., post-sales support like software update, fixing problems, etc., online customer service like live chat, e-mail support, etc., and telephone support such as answering phones, voice mail, fax services, and email services. Customer Support also provides a range of advice on products and services for customers based on market experience. It also conducts researches and studies to improve services.

Customer Support is usually divided into two sections, one is Customer Support agents and the other is Customer Engagement or Customer Experience. Customers tend to interact with Service Support agents mostly through phone. The number of calls generally depends upon the level of service provided to the customers. This is because Knowledge Based Support Operations (KBSO) targeted the needs of the customers where agents give answers to customers’ specific questions based on knowledge of product specifications. On the other hand, Empathy Based Support Operations (EBSO) targets the feelings of the customers and their satisfaction with the product or service provided by the company.

Customer Support Service has two major components that are essential for a successful Customer Support. One is pre-sales technical support and the other is post-sales technical support. Pre-sales technical support is done to help customers in setting up and using the product/service purchased. Here Customer Support Service plays a key role as it ensures that the customers have the right installation guides, product manuals, user guides and other required technical support. Customer Support Service also ensures that the customers get the right service providers for the purchase.

There is also an important aspect of good customer service. This is to ensure that the customers receive positive results for their efforts. For this Customer Support must take the actions as per the customers’ expectations. Some of the techniques that help in ensuring a good customer service are: Recognition and Reward. When a customer succeeds in availing your product/service you should offer him a token to encourage him.

As we have seen above Customer Support is an important facet of excellent customer service. However, Customer Support is not easy and can be greatly improved. In order to achieve a satisfactory level of Customer Support, it is very important that the customers’ expectations are kept in mind. This will go along way in ensuring that you get excellent quality Customer Support services.

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