Building Team Culture in Small Businesses


You may not be aware but your business has a bigger team than you thought it did. The question you should ask yourself is what are you doing to keep your team happy and motivated? In a previous article I provided an example of five reasons to have a larger team, and today we will look at four more. Teams need clear and quantifiable goals for what you wish to achieve. If you have fewer than three goals, you also have no clarity on how you wish to reach them.

In most organizations there is only one “leader” who defines the goals of the business. This leader usually does not share the team’s vision. There is often resistance to change within the organization, as senior management often feels like they need to control the direction in which the business goes. A business that has an organized hierarchy also tends to have greater organizational success than one that is free flowing with differing priorities. A team where there is only one leader has a great opportunity to get buy-in and become a successful business.

Building trust within the team is an important first step for achieving business success. When there is lack of trust, teams tend to be less successful. Your team will be more productive if they know they can talk to you and receive the answers to their questions from someone who really knows what they are doing. This person will give the necessary motivation to buy-in from the rest of the team.

An environment that is open and comfortable for all team members is also conducive to success. You can feel comfortable asking questions or sharing ideas with co-workers and employees. Your employees will be more willing to risk their time and energy working for the business if they feel they are welcomed and valued within the group. You want your team members to be happy at work so they will be willing to put the effort into their assignments and projects.

Team building is also essential for retaining key employees. Your team will become dysfunctional if key employees leave because they have no motivation left to maintain the work they have put into the company. The team will also become ineffective if they continue to lose motivated members leaving the business. Team building events are a great way for those individuals to bond with other team members and regain their motivation.

Building a successful business does not have to be expensive. There are many inexpensive ways to build motivation in your business. You can use the motivation built in your business to achieve success in other areas. By providing the proper tools and encouragement, your teams will be more effective in their tasks. Your customers will also benefit by having a professional business to rely on.

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