Team Leadership Skills: Effective Communication


What is team management? Team management is the skill of an organization or an individual to coordinate and administer a team of people to do a specific task. Team management entails communication, teamwork, goal setting and periodic performance reviews. Team members usually contribute to the completion of a project through their efforts and talents. The purpose of team management is to ensure that the team as a whole is effective in performing its assigned tasks.

There are several factors that affect team management. These include team members’ abilities, skills, motivation and communication. The team leader or manager is in charge of ensuring that all team members are contributing to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives. It is essential for the leader to communicate with his/her team members and provide them with feedback on their performance so that they can strive to make improvements.

The primary team goal is to achieve a certain set of goals or missions. In order to do so, the team must have regular feedback on how they are accomplishing their tasks. When communication is poor, there is much room for conflict, and this will eventually result into a team breakdown. A successful team will be able to discern and resolve conflicts quickly and maintain clear and honest communication at all times.

Good team management skills also involve assigning responsibilities and accountability to team members. As a team member, you should know your position, powers, limitations and strengths. You also have to know your partner’s position, powers, limitations and strengths. This will help minimize conflicts and misunderstanding. You should communicate your role, functions and powers clearly to all team members, so that they know what they are expected to do.

To effectively communicate to team members and the team itself, it is important to maintain effective channels of communication. The most effective channel of communication is direct eye contact. When eye contact exists, the team member is in a good mood, and this creates an effective channel of communication. Also, when the team member is in a bad mood, the team leader should take note of the situation, discuss with the individual and make an effective decision regarding the issue.

If you want to be a successful team leader, you should learn how to create effective teams. Most importantly, you need to have clear goals and identify the ultimate goals of your teams. Next, you should have a sense of humor, so that you can break through the ice with your team members more easily. Last but not least, you should be a good communicator, so that you can effectively lead your team to a common goal. By following these tips, you can be sure that your teams will work well together to achieve the common goal.

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