Why You Need A Strong Brand Team To Succeed In A Wider World


Right? If only it were that easy, each startup would be booming with a small dream team running their marketing campaigns. Not so long ago, only a single individual or a handful could manage the bulk of your company’s marketing campaigns.

All of this is changing. Just as the brand team evolved to become the creative director and chief marketing officer, and the sales and marketing departments grew to become the marketing, creative and sales force they are today, your business is going to need a “chief marketing officer,” “chief creative officer,” and “chief marketing strategist” to keep everything moving forward in the right direction. More importantly, this person will be required to expand their mandate from being merely the company manager to becoming a brand team leader, a leader who creates strategy, conceptualizes new market opportunities, and executes strategy on behalf of the brand. The new CMO and CPO will not be a one-person show. They will have multiple portfolios of skill sets and portfolios that span multiple functions, many of which will involve multiple departments.

So how do you create a truly comprehensive CMO and CPO package? How do you get your brand on every marketing page, across every channel? Well, you do it by hiring a CMO who has at least a M.B.A., with expertise in digital media, social media, strategic branding, and e-commerce. Ideally, your new CMO will also have previous experience in sales and marketing, but it doesn’t hurt to hire someone who knows where the action is.

It’s understandable that many organizations view hiring a whole new marketing group as an exercise in futility. There is certainly a mass of talent out there that could be added to a brand team, but what can you do to bring it all together into one cohesive unit? The answer lies in making sure that every member of your brand team is a true fit. Look for people with complementary skills who understand each other’s business goals, but who also can work well as part of a larger team. When teams don’t mesh, communication suffers and goals are missed.

A good brand team can add immeasurable value to your overall business strategy. A good CMO can provide insights not only into what your competitors are doing but can help you determine how to respond. They can help you understand your customer’s psychology and how to address their needs. By putting them in the driver’s seat, you can ensure that your messages are clear, consistent, and compelling. They can also ensure that you are truly taking your brand to the market, because a true CMO understands how to strategically reach out to and touch all key influencers within the company.

Finally, when you hire a true marketing CMO or CPO, they should oversee content creation, digital marketing, and social media strategies. A qualified and creative leader will be able to draw from their extensive experience in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and social media to build a team that works hard to achieve your marketing goals while emphasizing the best outcomes for your company. So, if you’re ready to turn your company around and focus on a powerful marketing plan that works, consider a quality, connected branding team that will bring together your best talent and creativity to build a marketing strategy that works. For a competitive advantage, look for the right fit.

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